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Lushan National Park in China

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This park is included in the UNESCO World Heritage List. The park is especially famous for its legendary past.

The park has many names. The most famous of them, after Lushan, is Kuangshan. The mountain system, which is located in the park, was named after the ascetic Kuan Su who lived here. According to legends, celestials lived on the mountain peaks of Lushan.

The park is located between the longest river in China, the Yangtze, which borders it from the north, and Lake Poyang, which is the border of the park in the south. The total area of the reserve is 300 square kilometers.

There are mountain peaks in the reserve. The highest of them is Dahanyanfen, which is 1,474 meters high. There are also quite high mountains Shansofeng, Shuangjianfeng and Hanpolin Peak. There are also many waterfalls in the park. The most popular of them are Sandequan, Shimenjian and Kaisian.

The climate in the reserve is humid and warm. In summer, the temperature rises to + 25 ° С, in winter it drops to -7 ° С. For more than half a year, the park is shrouded in dense fog.                      

Cypresses, larch and pine trees grow in the reserve. In total, 3400 different plant species can be seen here. The fauna of the park is also interesting. It is home to leopards, tigers, civets, bears, foxes, wolves, raccoon dogs and other mammals. Also, a large number of birds are recorded in the park every year, especially migratory ones.

In addition to natural monuments, the park has many interesting historical and cultural attractions. One of them is the"Eastern Forest" (Donglingi), an ancient Buddhist temple built here in 386. It was built in honor of the local monk Huiyuan - the founder of the Pure Land Buddhist school.

The ruins of a Taoist monastery built in 461 are also located here. On the territory of the park you can see the neo-Confucian school"White Deer Cave", as well as a large number of other palaces, temples and architectural buildings.

Even now, today, new structures are erected in the park every year. Most of these are suburban residences of various officials. In general,   the entire park presents the culture of almost 20 countries of the world.

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Topic: Lushan National Park in China.Lushan National Park in China

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