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Northern Velebit National Park in Croatia

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Northern Velebit Park was founded in 1999, and is considered the youngest nature reserve of all national parks in Croatia. It is located in the northern part of the Velebit mountain range.

The park is located between the sea and the mountains, which makes it possible to choose the best type of recreation for tourists, from climbing mountains to lying on the beach and boat trips.

The main attractions of the park are:
  • The highest point of the reserve is Mount Zavizhan, which is 1676 meters high. The Croatian meteorological station is located here.
  • Two karst peaks - Rozanski kuk and Hayduchki kuk, famous for their unique caves. One of the most popular caves is the Lukina Yama cave. , the depth of which is 1392 meters.
  • The Botanical Garden provides an opportunity to get acquainted with almost all types of plants that grow on the territory of the Northern Velebit Park.
The park has many cycling and hiking trails of varying difficulty. The most popular excursion route is the"Premuzice stasis" route. It introduces tourists to the most picturesque and interesting corners of the reserve.
In addition to targeted excursion routes, the park has mountain bike trails. For climbers there is an opportunity to conquer Mount Velebit.

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Topic: Northern Velebit National Park in Croatia.Northern Velebit National Park in Croatia

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