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Lijiang Old Town (Dayan) in China

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This city is located in Yunnan province. It is believed that the ancient town of Dayan was built in 1279-1368. It was around this small town that the modern city of Linjiang subsequently appeared.

The city was included in the UNESCO World Heritage List in 1997.

Sights of Linjiang.

Dayan – old town – is an attraction in itself. Here is the Wangulou observation pavilion, which offers a wonderful view of the city.

Water wheels. These ornate wheels are located at the very entrance to the Old Town. They are reminiscent of the numerous watermills that once stood in ancient Dayan.

Syfangjie Market Square. As in the distant past, this square is the very center of Lingjiang city. People still gather there for intimate conversations or   Nasi people play cards, and townspeople who are keen on hunting with falcons show their pets to each other and to tourists.

Mishisyan Street. This city street is the quietest. It stretches along the canal, and since it is forbidden to move along it in the city, nothing breaks its measured rhythm and peace.

Lion Mountain. This mountain separates Dayan from Linjiang. It also has some interesting sights.

Black Dragon Pond Park. In Chinese, its name sounds like Heilongtan Gongyuan. The park is located in the northern part of the city. Open every day from 7.30 am to 6 pm.

This park is located right against the backdrop of the Jade Dragon Mountain. There is a pond in the park with colorful carp swimming in it. In the center of this pond stands the Daewalow Hall. In 1970, some rooms from the once largest monastery of Futosa were moved here. The most beautiful of them – this is the hall of the Five Phoenixes – in Chinese Wufenglou.

The park is home to very important centers for the study of the Naxi culture. These are the Dongba Research Institute and the Naxi Cultural Museum with traditional costumes of this people.

There are many Naxi villages in the urban area. They still have preserved traditional crafts and rituals, way of life,

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Topic: Lijiang Old Town (Dayan) in China.Lijiang Old Town (Dayan) in China

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