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Pirin National Park in Bulgaria

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Pirin National Park occupies almost the entire territory of the Pirin Mountains. The park is located in the southwestern part of Bulgaria, at an altitude of 1008-2914 meters above sea level. Territorially, the park occupies 403 km 2.

On the borders of the park there are also two nature reserves – Yulen and Bayuvi Dupki-Jinjiritsa.

The park was formed in 1962 in November with the aim of preserving forests in the high parts of the Pirin Mountain. At that time, the park was named Vihren and geographically occupied one sixth of the current area of the park. In 1974, by the decree of the Ministry, the park was renamed into Pirin, and its territory was significantly expanded.

In 1983, the Pirin Park was included in the UNESCO World Heritage List, and in 1998 the size of its territory was increased to 403 km 2.

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Topic: Pirin National Park in Bulgaria.Pirin National Park in Bulgaria

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