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Huangshan Mountain in China

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This mountain is located in the southern part of the Chinese province of Anhui. Its height is 1878 meters.

Huangshan is translated as"yellow mountain", this name appeared in 747 AD. Before that, the mountain was called Yishan. According to legend, the mountain began to be called Huangshan since the emperor came here for self-improvement and the invention of the elixir of immortality.

The main splendor of this mountain is the peaks and rocks. The highest peaks of this mountain are the Lotus Peak with a height of 1873 meters, the Shiny Peak with a height of 1841 meters, as well as the Top of the Heavenly Capital with a height of 1810 meters. Lotus Peak is located in the heart of Huangshan. Due to the fact that it is shrouded in clouds all year round, this peak looks quite mysterious.

In addition to the peaks, people are attracted here by the world famous local hot springs. They have been in use for just over a thousand years. During all this time, they have never dried up or spilled. The temperature in them is kept at around +42 ° C, which is perfect for drinking and swimming. The water in these springs contains a large amount of carbon dioxide, which contributes to the treatment of diseases of the nervous and digestive system, as well as blood circulation.

In addition to beautiful landscapes and hot springs, Huangshan Mountain is famous for its rich natural resources: an abundance of rare animals and medicinal herbs. This mountain is considered one of the most beautiful natural attractions in all of China.

Tourists have the opportunity to climb to the top of the White Goose, one of the peaks of the mountain, by cable car. China and Japan participated in its construction. One way trip takes only 8 minutes. The height from the ground to the cabins of the road is 773 meters. From this summit, it is very convenient to observe the bizarre pine trees, peaks, hot springs and clouds that make up the Four of Huangshan Beauties.  

  In 2000, Huangshan National Park was awarded for its contribution to the protection of natural attractions. And in 1990, Mount Huangshan was included in the UNESCO World Heritage List.

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