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Kampa Island in the Czech Republic, Prague resort

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Kampa Island today is one of the most beautiful islands in Prague. You can get to the island by walking along a small bridge thrown across the Chertovka river, on which several   water mills.

According to legend, the river got its name in honor of a very grumpy washerwoman who once washed clothes here. Others are inclined to argue that it was named after the miller's wife, who communicated with evil spirits.

In our time, the ruins of two mills have survived, and one of them was founded in 1400 by the Knights of the Order of Malta ... The facades of several buildings overlook the banks of the river, thus creating the so-called Prague Venice.

The island got its name only in 1977. The word 'campa' in Czech it means 'camp'. Previously, the island housed a Spanish military camp, defeated during the Battle of White Mountain.

From the 15th to the mid-16th century, the island was covered with vineyards and orchards. However, after a devastating fire in 1541, the remains of burnt houses began to be brought here.

Soon it was decided to build houses on Kampa, but people were initially afraid to spend money on a new project, fearing that the island will go under water. As a result, the island was left at the mercy of artisans, who built their own quarter with a miniature square here. Since the 17th century, various fairs have often been held on this square.

In the 16th century, the island was an area of gardens and mills, later residential buildings began to appear here, in which some of the representatives of the Czech intelligentsia lived. The childhood of the famous architects Josef Zitek and Kilian Dinkingofer passed in these houses, the poet Vladimir Golan and the linguist Josef Dobrovsky rented their living space here, and many famous directors and actors stayed on the island.

In the southern part of the island there is a beautiful park, which is a favorite place for locals. In 2002, during the flood, most of the buildings were under water, and today many of them are under reconstruction.

Kampa is also famous for its own ghosts. Near the mill every night in the place where the drowned people gather, you can, if you're lucky, see the ghost of the miller's daughter. Also famous here is the water Kaburek – a strange man, hung with seaweed, dressed in a wet green coat, who loves to visit pubs.

In fine weather, there are small cruises along the river, which anyone can take part in.


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Topic: Kampa Island in the Czech Republic, Prague resort.Kampa Island in the Czech Republic, Prague resort

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