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Petrin Hill in the Czech Republic, Prague resort

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Petrin Hill is a green mountain stretching on the left bank of the Vltava River. On the territory of the hill today there are eight beautiful parks. The hill is 318 meters high. Petrin Hill is an excellent place for a quiet and relaxing holiday, as well as a good place to view the"city of a thousand spiers". You can get to the top of the hill either on foot or by funicular.

Previously, there were vineyards on the hill, and you can also see old quarries, from where stones were supplied for the construction of most of the Gothic and Romanesque buildings in Prague.

The main attraction of the hill is the Petrin Tower, which was erected in the likeness of the Eiffel Tower at the initiative of the members of the Czech Tourists' Club, who visited the Paris World Exhibition in 1889. The building material for the construction of the tower was metal. The tower was designed by engineers Julius Soucek and Frantisek Prashil.

The tower construction began in March 1891 and took about six months to build. Upon completion of construction, the structure reached a height of 60 meters. In 1953, a television antenna was installed on the tower, and therefore the tower grew by another 20 meters.

The Petrin Tower was the first television relay station in the Czech Republic. She worked until 1998. Later, a new TV tower was opened in Zizkov.

You can get to the observation deck of the tower by lift or by stairs. In 1999, restoration and restoration work was carried out here. On the underground level of the tower today there is a small museum of Yara Tsimrman, and on the ground floor there are souvenir shops and cafes.


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Topic: Petrin Hill in the Czech Republic, Prague resort.Petrin Hill in the Czech Republic, Prague resort

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