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Slavic Island in the Czech Republic, Prague resort

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Slavyansky Island, also known as ofin, located in the Nove Mesto area next to the Masaryk embankment, is one of the most popular islands on the Vltava.

The island emerged in the 18th century as a result of river sediments. In 1848, after the flood, the island was fortified, and soon a beautiful park was laid out on its territory.

Initially, the island was called the `` Krasilny '' island, because skin dyers lived very close to it. were forced to settle, due to the peculiarities of the profession, at a distance from the city. The island acquired its present name after the Slavic Congress, which took place in 1848.

Many cultural events that took place in the Czech Republic were directly related to this island. In the 18th century, the ofin Palace was also erected on the Slavic Island, built in the neo-Renaissance style, in the concert hall of which such famous people as R. Wagner, F. Liszt and G. Berlioz performed.

The first public baths were also built on the island. In the 1830s, the first dance house was built here, in 1841 the first railway was built, which reached a length of only 158 meters. A steam locomotive with freight and passenger wagons ran along the road. In the same year, the second major Czech ball was held on the island.

Earlier, on the place where the island is today, there was a Sitkovskaya water tower, reaching a height of 47 meters. The construction of the tower began in 1588 and was completed only in 1599. The main building material was stone. In 1648, during the siege of the city, the tower was badly damaged, but continued to function until 1881. From it water was supplied to all the fountains of the Nove Mesto district.

It is interesting to visit the monument erected in honor of Bonezha Nemtsova – a writer who has created many wonderful fairy tales. There is also a boat station on Slavyansky Island today.  


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Topic: Slavic Island in the Czech Republic, Prague resort.Slavic Island in the Czech Republic, Prague resort

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