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Streletsky Island in the Czech Republic, Prague resort

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Streletsky Island, located near the Uyezd on the Vltava River, is today one of the most popular islands in Prague. The island is connected to the shores of Prague by the Legia Bridge, which was originally called the Franz Josef Bridge.

The island was first mentioned in the 12th century. For a long time, the island was the property of the rulers of the Czech Republic. In 1472 the island was donated by King Vladislav Jagellon to the city of Stare Mesto, whose inhabitants soon handed it over to the Prague shooters.

It was here that the bird-shooting festival was held, which later became an annual event. Initially, the island was called Lawn, then it was replaced by Little Venice, and in the 16th century it acquired its current name.

Prague, which participated in the uprising of the estates, was deprived of a number of privileges by Ferdinand I, and a ban on weapons was also declared. Streletsky Island at the same time was taken away from Prague, but two years later it was returned to the city. The emperor decided to divide the island into two parts, leaving one to the shooters and giving the other to the community. Throughout the centuries, the Streletsky society was often replaced, but Streletsky Island was invariably the island for their meetings.

In 1782, the island was transferred by Emperor Joseph II to a circle of well-aimed shooters, who belonged until the collapse of Austria Hungarian Republic. In May 1890, the first demonstration of Prague workers took place here, in which over 30 thousand people took part.

Today on the island you can visit the open-air cinema, which is open only in summer.

One of the brightest events on Streletsky Island is the Mayales Carnival, which is held in early May. This student holiday is accompanied by colorful processions and concerts, and upon completion, students choose the king and queen of the holiday. In 1965, Allen Ginsberg was elected king of Mayales – American beatnik poet and fighter against imperialism. In his coronation speech, the poet condemned not only imperialism, but also any dictatorship. The Czech authorities charged the student with drunkenness and homosexuality, after which he was expelled from the country.

A year later, Frantisek Sedlaczka was elected the new king – an ordinary Czech student, who also managed to say too much, for which he was expelled from the institute. After 1969, the holiday was closed by the authorities, but began to be celebrated again since 1997.


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Topic: Streletsky Island in the Czech Republic, Prague resort.Streletsky Island in the Czech Republic, Prague resort

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