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North Sea Park (Beihai) in China, Beijing resort

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This park is one of the best-preserved imperial Chinese gardens. It is also one of the oldest gardens in Beijing.

The park began to be built in 938 during the reign of Emperor Huitong. After the Liao dynasty reigned in China, the park began to be rebuilt. Transformations were carried out from 1166 to 1179. It was then that the Palace of Eternal Tranquility was built, and a lake was dug. The land left after this was used to create three islands. Two of them were later combined into a park, and the third still exists today - it is the Jade Island.

In 1651, during the reign of Emperor Shunzhi from the Qing dynasty, a Buddhist tower was built in the park in Tibetan style - White Dagoba. Then the Jade Island was renamed White Dagoba Hill. Now Dagoba is one of the main attractions of Beijing. The 1679 earthquake almost completely destroyed the Dagoba, but was later rebuilt.

The park was first opened to the public in 1925, and in 1961 it was taken under government protection.

The area of the park is 682 thousand square meters. Of these, Lake Beihai covers 389 thousand square meters.

The Round City is located in the southeastern part of the park. Its main building is the Hall of Light Found, from which the emperors watched the fireworks. During the Qing dynasty, the hall was converted into a Buddhist chapel. There are trees around the Round City which is more than 800 years old.

On the eastern shore of the lake is the Haopujian Garden. It was created specifically for admiring nature and relaxation.

In the northern part of the park, you can see the Wall of Nine Dragons and the Pavilion of Nine Dragons. Emperors liked to come here to admire the moon and catch fish. The Five Dragons Pavilion consists of five pavilions connected by bridges similar to floating dragons. The Nine Dragons Wall was built in 1756. It is the most exquisite of its kind in all of China. Its length is 26 meters. Nine dragons are depicted on both sides of the wall.

Next to the pavilions is the Buddhist Temple of Complete Happiness, which the Qianlun Emperor built for his mother. It is the largest square palace pavilion in Asia.

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Topic: North Sea Park (Beihai) in China, Beijing resort.North Sea Park (Beihai) in China, Beijing resort

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