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Beihai Park description and photos - China: Beijing

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North Sea Park (Beihai) description and photos - China: Beijing

North Sea Park (Beihai Park) description and photos - China: Beijing. Detailed information about the attraction. Description, photographs and a map showing the nearest significant objects. The name in English is Beihai Park.

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North Sea Park (Beihai) is located north of the Gugong Imperial Palace. Beihai, or North Sea, is one of 6 lakes that are connected by canals to the Summer Palace. The residence was built on the shores of the Middle and South Lakes, south of Beihai.

Many graceful bridges, gardens, pavilions and galleries include Beihai and a Tibetan-style pagoda. The landscapes and buildings of this park, reflecting the magnificent architectural style and the unique art of creating a Chinese traditional garden, are a true masterpiece of landscape design.

Each of the parts into which the park is divided has its own special atmosphere. The White Marble Bridge, also called the Yunanqiao Bridge of Eternal Peace, leads from the southern coast to the island.

The bridge called Zhishanqiao - Leading to the Hill - connects the east coast with the island. The Buddhist Temple (1651) and the White Pagoda (Bayta) made of white shell rock, built in honor of the arrival of the Dalai Lama, are located in the middle of the Jade Island (Qinghuangdao). The pagoda is surrounded on all sides by interconnecting galleries and pavilions. Lamaist sutras and paraphernalia are kept inside the pagoda. A covered gallery runs along the north shore of the Jade Island.

The magnificent, free-standing monument, decorated with tiles on both sides - the Wall of Nine Dragons and the Pavilion of the Five Dragons, will not leave you indifferent, courtiers were still fishing from its gallery. They still cannot count the number of dragon images here.

Here you can also see the Drum Tower, the Pavilion of the Calm Consciousness, and much more. Another famous traveler Marco Polo noted in his notes the amazing beauty of this park.

You can get to the northern side of Beihai Lake by pleasure boat from a small pier located here. Tourists will have an indescribable pleasure exploring Beihai Park by catamaran or pleasure boat. It is better to visit it on a weekday, as it is the most popular vacation spot among locals.

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Topic: Beihai Park description and photos - China: Beijing.Beihai Park description and photos - China: Beijing

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