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Zheravna village-reserve in Bulgaria

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The village-reserve Zheravna is located in a mountainous area, near the town of Kotel, in the middle part of the Balkan Mountains. The village is located at an altitude of 600 meters above sea level.

According to sources, the village originated in the XII century, two centuries later it became prosperous. At the same time, trade and animal husbandry began to develop here.

Today Zheravna is an architectural reserve that is part of the `` Hundred National Tourist Sites of Bulgaria ''. Until now, the village has preserved many wooden houses that were built during the Bulgarian National Revival. Here are located such famous house-museums as the house of Sava Filaretov, the house of Roissi Chorbadji and the house of Yordan Yovkov.

While in Zheravna, it is also worth visiting the candle workshop,

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Topic: Zheravna village-reserve in Bulgaria.Zheravna village-reserve in Bulgaria

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