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Yetyr Village Museum in Bulgaria

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Yetyr is an ethnographic village-museum dating back to 1964. Today, 50 different open-air exhibitions are presented here. The craft workshops on display in the museum are more than 200 years old. The village was sustained in the spirit of the national Bulgarian traditions of the 18th-19th centuries. In 1971, Yetyr was awarded the status of a Cultural Monument.

It is also worth visiting the city of Gabrovo, located near Yetyr. This unique museum complex is designed to familiarize everyone with the lifestyle of this part of the country during the Renaissance. It was at this stage that Gabrovo entered the international industrial level. Local craftsmen produced about 30 varieties of goods that were in demand in all major cities of the country.

Here you can also get acquainted with the architectural style of the Renaissance – on the streets there are several workshops and residential buildings, which have been restored to their original form. It is worth visiting the mini-museums located on Craftsmen Street, where you can admire the interior of those times, the creations of local weavers and icon painting. On the ground floors of the buildings, workshops were completely restored, in which carts, silverware and folklore items were previously made. These products have not lost their relevance in our time, there are souvenir shops next to museums, where you can buy the item you like. There are also pastry shops, coffee shops and bakeries in the city where you can taste local cuisine.

There are watermills throughout the city, complementary to the effect of travel to the distant past. Among such constructions one can observe a waterwheel, which today is considered the emblem of Etar.

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Topic: Yetyr Village Museum in Bulgaria.Yetyr Village Museum in Bulgaria

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