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Preserve City Boiler in Bulgaria

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The boiler is a reserve city located in the Sliven region, in the eastern part of Stara Planina in the hollow.

The boiler is a legendary city. During the period of Ottoman rule, Bulgarians, hiding from the Turks, settled in Kotla. Subsequently, the city was exempted from some taxes and achieved a ban on the settlement of the Turks in the city. Soon the city became the center of Bulgarian education, became the arena of the struggle for national freedom and church independence.

In 1812, a revolutionary committee was organized by Vasil Nevsky in Kotla. Residents of the Cauldron were the first to celebrate the Day of Saints Cyril and Methodius. Today this holiday is official in Bulgaria.

In the 19th century, four secular schools operated in the city. Nowadays, one of these schools houses the Museum of the Bulgarian Renaissance, most of the exposition of which is dedicated to G.S. Rakovsky – ideologist and leader of the national liberation movement of the Bulgarian movement.

In 1877-78, during the Russian-Turkish war, militia units were stationed in the city.

The city should definitely visit the Pantheon, which today there is the sarcophagus of Rakovsky, houses in the old quarter of Galata, the Ethnographic Museum, Izvorite Park and the Natural National Museum.

There are four architectural and historical reserves in the Kotla area – Medven, Hradets, Zheravna and Katunishche.

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Topic: Preserve City Boiler in Bulgaria.Preserve City Boiler in Bulgaria

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