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Rural tourism in Bulgaria

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Stara Planina, Bulgaria

Rural tourism in Bulgaria is a new, rapidly developing tourist destination with great potential. Any Bulgarian village is a combination of beautiful nature, home comfort, tranquility and clean air. Transcarpathia is a magical place where you can find beautiful mountain landscapes with waterfalls, healing water and unique nature. Bulgaria has a rich historical and cultural tradition, which can be best seen in the countryside.

Unlike many Western European countries, Bulgarians are very connected with agriculture and nature. The Bulgarian people are very hospitable, you can feel it as soon as you get to any of the villages. Rural tourism attracts with its accessibility and the opportunity to be closer to nature. Many tourists are attracted by the fact that settling in some Bulgarian village, you can take a break from the bustle of the city, breathe in the fresh air, enjoy the surrounding nature. Tourists are offered rest, which is very different from rest in sanatoriums. Rural tourism is beneficial for both tourists and families who host them. A Bulgarian family, without changing their usual way of life, will also receive money for this and communicate with guests. The costs on both sides are minimal, since the less infrastructure, the lower the prices, but nature is closer. It is interesting to visit the Bulgarian village at any time of the year, therefore, rural tourism operates all year round.

Tourist centers and Bulgarian families in 50 villages and 30 monasteries located in the mountains, on the Black Sea and Danube coast are ready to receive tourists in Bulgaria. Having visited the ethnographic complex Old Dobrich, you can see how the masters of turning, pottery, jewelry and other handicrafts work. In the very center of Dobrich, you can get acquainted with the culture and history of Bulgaria in the Historical Museum. Yordana Yovkov, Archeological Museum and Ethnographic House.Image


The villages of Ognyanovo, Arda, Yagodina, Mogilitsa and others are popular in the Rhodope Mountains. There are cozy rural houses, where tourists are fed delicious food, and there are many different outdoor activities. Here you can relax perfectly enjoying the silence.

Sopot is a handicraft center where craftsmen with extensive experience in the manufacture of a wide variety of products live. Here they are engaged in the manufacture of firearms, knives and inlaid butts for hunting weapons. Masters share their knowledge and experience.

In the villages of Stara Planina mountains, ancient architecture has been preserved, which can be seen by visiting the villages of Zheravna, Medven, Chiflik, Ribaritsa, Shipkovo. In Pirin there are villages such as Koprivlen, Musomishcha, Delchevo and Rozhen. Here, tourists are provided with old houses for settlement, as well as the opportunity to try themselves as artisans. For lovers of active recreation, fishing, horse riding, picking mushrooms and herbs are offered, or you can simply walk along the forest paths, enjoying the surrounding nature.

In the mystical Strandja mountains, you can see the traditional for these places dance on hot coals, performed by nestinars. In the villages you can settle in Bulgarian houses, where national traditions are combined with modern comfortable living conditions.Image
Ethnographic Museum in Dobrich

As a treat, Bulgarian residents offer their guests delicious national cuisine: homemade yoghurt, cheese, tender lamb, pork chops, aromatic homemade wines and wonderful Bulgarian rakia .

For those who want to take a break from the city and immerse themselves in the atmosphere of rural life, rural tourism is an ideal option. It provides an opportunity to get to know the people of Bulgaria, its culture, history, way of life and national cuisine. It is also financially beneficial.

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Topic: Rural tourism in Bulgaria.Rural tourism in Bulgaria

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