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Staropramen brewery in the Czech Republic, Prague spa

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Staropramensky Brewery located in Prague is the second largest and largest brewery in the country. The brewery occupies the first position in the capital Czech breweries.

The history of the plant begins in the middle of the 19th century. In the 1860s, the authorities decided to build a brewery in the Smichovo area, but the mandatory registration and collection of the necessary documentation took about 10 years. In October 1869, the project for the construction of the brewery was ready. The author of the project is the engineer Gustav Nobak. The construction of the building began almost immediately, and two years later the grand opening took place here.

Well-prepared plans and calculations, as well as constant funding, allowed the brewery to almost immediately become one of the best in the Czech Republic.

In 1880, the brewery was visited by Emperor Franz Joseph the First, who was delighted with the local beer and left an excellent review of the brewery. Over the years, the brewery's production volumes have increased as the demand for beer has increased every day. Since 1900, the brewery began to expand – new workshops were built, more modern equipment was purchased.

In 1911 the trade mark"Staropramen" was registered; – known nowadays in more than 40 countries. The brewery continued to develop and modernize, even despite the downturns in production.

Today you can take an interesting excursion to the brewery, during which you can get acquainted with the history and types of beer. At the end of the excursion, guests are offered a tasting, which takes place in a small cozy restaurant located here at the plant. Tours in Russian are held on Tuesdays only.


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Topic: Staropramen brewery in the Czech Republic, Prague spa.Staropramen brewery in the Czech Republic, Prague spa

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