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Palatine in Italy, Rome resort

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Palatine is one of the seven main hills of the capital of Italy – Rome.

According to legend, it was on this place that ancient Rome arose – on Palatine Hill   The she-wolf was fed and raised by Faustul Remus and Romulus, and later Romulus founded the city.

Initially, the Palatine Hill was used for grazing cattle, and after the appearance of the first religious ideas, the cult of the goddess Pales arose here. Since then, the hill has become a religious center for shepherds who performed sacrifices here.

At that time, the hill was located:
  • the sacred cave of the she-wolf with a fig tree and a spring where, according to legend, twin babies were found;
  • altar of Pan;
  • house of Romulus;
  • Mundus – a pit into which the settlers threw household items, the original fruits, as well as handfuls of their native land, brought with them, over time the pit was filled and covered with an altar;
  • Faustula's hut;
  • Temple of Jupiter Stator, which was founded by Romulus;
  • the Caci rock, along which the legendary Hercules dragged the robber Kaka, in honor of this event, ara maxima was erected on the rock;
  • thorns also grew here, which grew from the spear thrown with Aventine Romulus. The spear sank so deep into the ground that it was simply impossible to pull it out.

  Lupercalia was celebrated here every year on 15 February. At this time, the Luperkas were running around the Palatine Hill naked. At that time, the Palatine was surrounded by a wall with two gates – Porta Romanula and Porta Mugonia.

During archaeological excavations on the hill, traces of the first settlement that existed here around 1000 BC were found.
Together with the city, the Palatine also expanded, and by the end of the republic, mostly aristocrats and wealthy of Rome lived on the hill.

On the hill it is worth visiting the House of Augustus, the Temple of Apollo, the palace of Tiberius , Caligula's palace, the churches of Sant'Anastasia, San Teodoro, San Bonaventura al Palatino and San Sibastiano al Palatino, Claudia aqueduct.

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Topic: Palatine in Italy, Rome resort.Palatine in Italy, Rome resort

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