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Capitoline wolf in Italy, Rome resort

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The Capitoline She-Wolf is an Etruscan bronze sculpture dated stylistically to the 5th century BC. The sculpture was made in the shape of a she-wolf, feeding on the milk of Remus and Romulus – legendary founders of Rome.

In ancient times, the wolf was the totem of the Etruscans and Sobin. The statue was created and transferred to Rome as a sign of the fusion of these peoples with the Romans.

The sculpture was first mentioned in Pliny's Natural History, in which he claimed that the statue had previously been located near the sacred fig tree at the Roman Forum. According to Cicero's records, the sculpture was on the hill of the Capitol and was struck by lightning, he also mentions the statue of `` a baby, a she-wolf drinking milk. ”

From the 9th century, the sculpture was moved to the Lateran Palace. In the 10th century, in the palace on the site of the `` Mother of the Romans '' often there were executions and trials, which are mentioned before 1450. In 1473, by order of Sixtus the Fourth, the sculpture was moved to the Palazzo dei   Conservatory, and a copy was exhibited on the square.

At the end of the 15th century, bronze figurines of Remus and Romulus were created, this work is attributed to the sculptor Antonio del Pollaiolo. During the period of Benito Mussolini, the statue was used as a propaganda symbol, embodying the desire of the fascist regime to revive the Roman Empire.

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Topic: Capitoline wolf in Italy, Rome resort.Capitoline wolf in Italy, Rome resort

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