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Montagnola Gardens in Italy, Bologna resort

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The picturesque gardens of Mantagnola are located on the artificially created hill of the same name. At the foot of the hill is the Monument to the People, erected in honor of those killed in August 1848. The monument was depicted in the form of a fallen Austrian soldier, above him stands a jubilant Italian, in whose hands is a tricolor, which is a symbol of the unity of the nation. The monument was erected in 1903, its author was Pasquale Rizzoli.

Previously, on the site of the current gardens there was a forest with pasture overgrown with grass, however, in 1662, a certain Paolo Canali began large-scale transformations, in the course of which trails were laid for horse riding and horse carriages. Open-air performances, social gatherings and games began to be held in the park. Thus, the Montagnola gardens became the main park of the city.

  In 1757, seven stone benches were installed in the park as a symbol of the park's belonging to the people. In the 19th century, the engineer Giovanni Battista Martinetti redeveloped the park according to the plan of French public squares. During the same period, Diego Sarti created huge sculptures that were installed around the park pond. In 1896, Attilio Mudja built a magnificent staircase leading from Via Indipendenza to the park.

For children, a playground was arranged in the park, where today various parties and performances are often held, as well as costume parades.  

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Topic: Montagnola Gardens in Italy, Bologna resort.Montagnola Gardens in Italy, Bologna resort

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