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Parc La Villette in France, Paris resort

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The park area of La Villette can rightfully be considered the largest forest plantation in Paris. The area planted with trees and laid out for a park exceeds 50 hectares in area, which already speaks of the grandeur of this park.

The idea of creating a park zone was presented in 1982, and in the same year the park began to take shape somehow.

The structure of La Villette is heterogeneous. The park consists of many themed gardens, which in turn are also divided into parts. In some gardens, the emphasis is on shady alleys and places for recreation with children, somewhere on an amusement park, somewhere on open-air theater performances.

The park is also famous for its Towns – in fact, these are the same thematic gardens, only they have a focus on culture and entertainment. For example, there is a City of Science and Industry, a City of Music, and a Book City.

Several small theaters, a cinema hall, and many sports complexes were opened in the park.

Parisians of all ages love this place, as young and old alike will find something of their own.

The park is constantly evolving, with new themed gardens appearing every year , pavilions, shops. La Villette's management diligently monitors the needs of French society and implements them.


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Topic: Parc La Villette in France, Paris resort.Parc La Villette in France, Paris resort

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