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Boboli Gardens in Italy, resort of Florence

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The Boboli Gardens are the finest Italian Renaissance parks in town. The gardens are located behind Palazzo Pitti on the slopes of the Boboli hill.

Today, the park is one of the most famous works of landscape gardening art of the 16th century. The park was divided by long axial paths and adorned with numerous decorative stone elements, fountains and sumptuous statues. The gardens were divided into a public and semi-private area by grottoes, open garden temples, created in the classical style. The Boboli gardens were opened to the general public in 1766.

The gardens were laid by Eleanor Toledskaya – wife of Duke Casimo I. The park was arranged by Niccolo Tribolo, and after the death of the architect, his work was continued by Bartolomeo Ammanati. Giorgio Vasari also took part in the construction and design of some grottoes. The beautiful sculptures that adorn the gardens were made by Bernardo Buontolenti, who also designed the courtyard grotto that separates the palazzo from the gardens.

At the bottom of the amphitheater, the main axial path begins, which rises up the hill, passing between stone oaks and cypresses. It was in this amphitheater that the world's first opera performances were held. In the central part of the amphitheater there is an ancient Egyptian obelisk brought from the Medici villa. This main walkway is crowned with a sculpture by Stoldo Lorenzi and the Neptune fountain. Another axial walkway, located to the right of the main walkway, runs through a series of fountains and terraces.

Throughout its history, the Boboli Gardens have been reconstructed more than once. In the 17th century, the park was enlarged to 4.5 hectares. Nowadays, the gardens are a real museum of sculpture, where the works of the XVI – XVII centuries, as well as ancient antiquity.


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Topic: Boboli Gardens in Italy, resort of Florence.Boboli Gardens in Italy, resort of Florence

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