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Old Jaffa in Israel, Tel Aviv resort

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Jaffa is one of the oldest cities in the world. It was to Jaffa that ships with pilgrims heading to Jerusalem came.

According to legend, Noah's ark was built in Jaffa, the prophet Jonah set off from here, Perseus somewhere here   Artemis was freed, a vision was shown to the Apostle Peter, and from here began the return of Jews to Israel.

During archaeological excavations carried out in the area of the present Museum of Antiquities of Jaffa, the following evidence was found - the remains of defensive fortifications that previously surrounded Jaffa Hill during the Hyksos conquest of Egypt (18th century BC).

The city was first mentioned in the Egyptian chronicles of the 15th century BC. - here Jaffa appears as one of the cities captured by Thutmose the Third.

The city reached its heyday in the era of the Romans. During the Jewish War, Jewish rebels made an attempt to cut off sea communications to the Romans, and therefore the city of Jaffa was completely destroyed. Soon the city was rebuilt by Emperor Vespasian, and acquired a new name - Flavius Joppa.

In 636 Jaffa was captured by the Arabs, at the same time the former greatness and significance of the city was lost. Gradually, the port began to empty, becoming only the main point of arrival for Christians and Jews.

With the arrival of the Crusaders, the situation changed radically - Muslims and Jews were expelled from Jaffa. The city begins to develop rapidly, and the port becomes the main supply point for the army of Christ. Reinforcements and Christian pilgrims begin to arrive here.

In the future, the city is captured and destroyed by Al-Malik al-Adil. In 1268, all attempts made to rebuild the city during the sixth and seventh crusades lead to the city being destroyed to the ground by the Mamluk Sultan Baybars the First, fearing the return of the crusaders. The city ceases to exist for 400 years.

Since 1950, the cities of Jaffa and Tel Aviv have been united and today are governed by one municipality. Nowadays, Old Jaffa has been turned into one of the largest art and tourist centers, which houses numerous art galleries, restaurants, artist workshops, salons, flea markets, archaeological sites and museums.

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Topic: Old Jaffa in Israel, Tel Aviv resort.Old Jaffa in Israel, Tel Aviv resort

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