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Trsat Castle in Croatia, Rijeka resort

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Trsat Castle is a fortification, which is located on a hill 138 meters high. There is a canyon under the hill where the Rijecina River flows. From the hill, and in particular from the Trsat castle, a magnificent panorama of the city of Rijeka and its surroundings opens.

The castle occupies a very convenient   strategically advantageous position, and since ancient times served as a post for monitoring movements inside and outside the city. After the 17th century, the castle lost its original purpose.  

The construction of the fortification began in the days of the Roman Empire. One of the oldest parts of the castle, the large tower was partly built by the Romans and is known as the Roman Tower. Most of the castle buildings were built in the 13th century. In the middle of the 18th century, the fortress was destroyed by a strong earthquake.

In 1826, the destroyed castle of Trsat was bought by the Austrian field marshal Laval Nugent. To restore the fortress, he invited the Venetian architect Giacomo Paronuzzi, and the castle acquired features of the neo-Gothic style. But after the Second World War, the castle was again in a dilapidated state.

In 1960, the local government bought the fortress, and began its restoration, which is still underway. Currently, part of the buildings have been restored, including the old tower, and the western wing is still destroyed.

Exhibitions are located in the premises of the castle,

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Topic: Trsat Castle in Croatia, Rijeka resort.Trsat Castle in Croatia, Rijeka resort

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