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Medvedgrad Castle in Croatia

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Medvedgrad Castle got its name from its location. It is located on Mount Medvednica near Zagreb (the capital of Croatia), the high tower of the castle can be seen from afar, especially on clear days.

The castle was built from 1249 to 1254 under the leadership of Philip Tyurier (bishop from Zagreb). In 1590, during an earthquake, the castle was destroyed and abandoned. Only in   XX century, it was decided to restore it. Currently, the ruins of the castle are accessible to tourists. Visitors can see the old tower, a preserved chapel, ancient walls, and an observation deck from where the entire city and its picturesque surroundings can be seen.  

At the foot of the tower there is a memorial, the Patriotic Altar,

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Topic: Medvedgrad Castle in Croatia.Medvedgrad Castle in Croatia

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