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City Museum in Croatia, Rovinj resort

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The City Museum is located on the main square of the city in the City Hall, decorated with a loggia made in the Venetian style of the 17th century. The museum has numerous art exhibitions. Here you can find works of art by contemporary masters, artists of the XV-XIX centuries and much more.

The museum includes several sections:
· Old Masters Gallery. This is one of the most famous and largest expositions of the museum.
· The second section is called"Marine history" ... Shown here are ship models, souvenirs from the collection of sailors, paintings on the nautical theme, information on sea battles.
·"Hall Alexander Kircher". This room is represented by the works of the Austrian navy painter Alexander Kircher. All his paintings are devoted to the naval theme.
·"Artists from Rovinj". This section introduces visitors to the works of art by local artists.
· On the ground floor of the museum there is a section Contemporary Croatian art"
·"Vilko Seferov Memorial Hall". About 20 works of famous artist Vilko Seferov are exhibited here, including his only self-portrait.

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Topic: City Museum in Croatia, Rovinj resort.City Museum in Croatia, Rovinj resort

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