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Beer Sheva excavation site in Israel, Negev Desert resort

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Beer Sheva is a city located in the southern part of Israel.

According to the Bible, Abraham dug a well here, and Isaac made an alliance with the king of Gerard Abimelech, for whom, as a sign of an oath of allegiance a sacrifice of seven sheep. Today, a museum has been built on the site of this legendary well.

From the time of Abraham to our time, the city remains a major transport hub connecting the Red Sea, Egypt and Palestine. From century to century, battles flared up over the control of this strategically important point, in which the Romans, the Egyptians, the Crusaders and the Byzantines took part.

In connection with the endless wars that do not contribute to population growth, in 13 -th century the city completely ceased to exist. During the Turkish rule in 1900, the city was rebuilt as an administrative center to control the southern territories of Palestine. In 1917, during the bloody wars of the British Empire, the Turks were driven out of the city. In 1948, Palestine was abandoned by the British Empire, and during the War of Independence, the city became part of Israel.

During the Chalcolithic period, the Beersheba culture existed in the city, from which only seven objects have survived to this day, three of which are located within the city – Tsafad well, Abu Matar well and Batar ruins. During the excavations, other finds were also found: a famous figurine of a man with grooves on his face, apparently symbolizing hair, made of ivory, a figurine of the Beersher Venus, and other objects, made of ivory.

In the Hellenistic period, there were only a temple and a guard post in the city, which were destroyed during the capture of these places by Alexander Yanai. During the Roman and Byzantine eras, Beer Sheva was located on the site of the present old city, as evidenced by the ruins of a Byzantine church found here. Unfortunately, there is almost no evidence left from Roman times, as the city ceded the title of a regional center to Memphis and Gaza, moreover, in the 20th century, the Turks used stones from the ruins to build a new city.

В the city is worth a visit to the House of the Governor, Mosque, Sarayu, House of Aref el-Arefa, water tower, Railway station, school for sheikh children, British war cemetery, Negev Brigade Memorial, Allenby Park, Turkish Bridge, City Zoo,

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Topic: Beer Sheva excavation site in Israel, Negev Desert resort.Beer Sheva excavation site in Israel, Negev Desert resort

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