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Caesarea National Park (Palestinian Caesarea) in Israel, Galilee resort

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Caesarea is an ancient city located on the shores of the Mediterranean Sea of modern Israel.

The city got its name in honor of Octavian Augustus – the Roman emperor, who donated the previously lost lands to Herod the Great. In order to distinguish Caesarea from other cities that at that time had the same name, the city was named Caesarea Primorskaya. However, after the transformation of Judea into the province of Palestine, the city was renamed to Caesarea of Palestine.

In the middle of the 3rd century BC. near the harbor, the Phoenicians founded a small village called the Tower of Straton. In 96 BC. Tsar Alexander Yannai captured Caesarea and turned it into a Jewish settlement. In 63 BC. After the capture of Judea by General Pompey, the Tower of Strato again became a non-Jewish settlement.

In 31 BC. the settlement was transferred by Augustus to Herod, who converted it by 10 BC. to a major port city. At the same time, the city became the main base of the legions of the Roman Empire and the administrative center of the Roman prosecutor's office in the country.

In the 1st century AD. Syrian Greeks made up the majority of the population of Caesarea. Many wealthy Jews also lived in the city. The city soon became the main port of Palestine and was often mentioned in the New Testament.

The fall of Jerusalem led to the fact that Caesarea was declared the capital of Palestine. Later, Caesarea became one of the main religious centers of Palestine. In the 3-4 centuries, the fathers of the Christian church created a library, which contained an early edition of the Bible, compiled in several languages. Unfortunately, the fire in 600 destroyed this manuscript along with the entire collection of the library.

During the Crusades, the city played an important role as one of the strongholds of the country, but in the 13th century the city fell, after which only ruins remained.

Today, on the territory of the ancient city, a park-reserve of Caesarea was laid out, where active archaeological excavations are still being carried out. Today, here you can see an amphitheater raised from the ground, which is used in our time, a hippodrome, a city wall, a cobbled square decorated with huge statues, ruins of churches and a synagogue.

The most popular ancient monuments in Caesarea are the ruins of ``; Palace on the Reef '', an ancient theater, sections of city streets, the amphitheater of King Herod, a public bath of the Byzantine period,

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Topic: Caesarea National Park (Palestinian Caesarea) in Israel, Galilee resort.Caesarea National Park (Palestinian Caesarea) in Israel, Galilee resort

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