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Bethlehem Chapel in the Czech Republic, Prague resort

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The Bethlehem Chapel, located in the old part of the city on Bethlehem Square, is a chapel based on private facilities to conduct services in Czech.

The Bethlehem Chapel has played an important role in the history of Prague. At the beginning of the 15th century, it was here for 10 years that Jan Hus read his sermons – leader of the religious reform movement; and former rector of Charles University. The chapel saw other preachers within its walls, as a result of which it became the cradle of the Hussite movement and a tribune of reformist ideas.

The chapel was founded in 1391. The building was intended as a venue for services in Czech, however,   despite its impressive size, it never became a parish church.

The German reformer Mutzner preached here in 1521. In 1622, the Jesuit Order took possession of the chapel, which renewed the divine services in it. In 1786, at the end of the Thirty Years War, the chapel building was closed and demolished. Soon a multi-storey residential building was built on this site, which was also demolished after a while.

After conducting archaeological research, it was established that only three walls with a number of architectural Gothic elements survived from the ancient building.

In the middle of the 20th century, a new reconstruction began here, led by architect Jaroslav Fragner. The building was built on the basis of the surviving drawings and drawings.

The main architectural concept in the solution of the interior – surprising simplicity, it is a fairly simple room with a carved wooden ceiling, high Gothic windows and a tribune. The southern wall overlooking the square has been rebuilt according to sketches from the original drawings.

The chapel's Gothic windows are of various sizes and paintings, created in combination with quotes from songs and sermons. The building also has original window openings, an entrance portal created in the 14th century, a portal to the house of preachers, the remains of Hus's treatises, as well as man-made frescoes.

During the restoration work, some of the walls were decorated painted, based on the chronicles of the Middle Ages. Also, the chapel's wooden utensils were renewed, the house was restored, Jan Hus lived with his successor. Today the house hosts an exhibition dedicated to the Hussite movement.

Today, the Bethlehem Chapel is a rare monument of the Hussite movement, recently declared a National Cultural Monument.


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Topic: Bethlehem Chapel in the Czech Republic, Prague resort.Bethlehem Chapel in the Czech Republic, Prague resort

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