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Charles University in the Czech Republic, Prague spa

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Charles University today is the main university in the Czech Republic, as well as the oldest institution of higher education in Eastern and Central Europe. Subjects are taught here in English and Czech.

The university was founded around 1347-1348 by Emperor Charles IV. The idea of creation belonged to Arnoshte - the first Prague archbishop. To conduct classes, Charles the Fourth bought several buildings in the Stare Mesto area, which were named Karolinum.

Europe. Since the university was founded by the German community of the Czech Republic, primarily he served her interests.

Until the end of the 19th century, university education was carried out in German, until Prague was part of Austria-Hungary. Charles University was distinguished from other universities by the absence of a religious bias, since the Catholic Church in Prague had its own educational institution, where the university library moved in 1622.

In 1882-1939 the university was divided into two flow - German and Czech in connection with the decisive actions of the Czech intelligentsia of the city against Germanization.

In November 1939, after the occupation of Czechoslovakia by the Nazis, the university closed, and most of its professors and students were sent to concentration camps ... After the end of the German occupation, the entire German-speaking population of the city was deported.

In October 1945, President Edward Benes issued a decree to close the German University in Prague, which was later re-established as Charles University.

Today the university is part of the Association of the main European universities together with the Sorbonne, the University of Geneva, Bologna, Oxford, etc.    


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Topic: Charles University in the Czech Republic, Prague spa.Charles University in the Czech Republic, Prague spa

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