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Monument to Jan Hus in the Czech Republic, Prague resort

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The Jan Hus monument is located on the Old Town Square, in its northern part. The monument was erected in honor of Jan Hus - a remarkable philosopher, preacher, reformer, fighter for the rights of the Czech people.

In 1414 Jan was declared a heretic by the Roman Catholic Church, and in July 1415 was burned alive in the square of the German city of Constance. The execution of the reformer marked the beginning of the Hussite wars, started by his supporters in the struggle against the powerful Habsburg dynasty.

In 1915, a monument was erected on the Old Town Square, created by the sculptor, to mark the 500th anniversary of the execution of Jan Ladislav Shaloun in modern style.

This monument reflects all the most glorious and sad moments of Czech history. The monument was made in the form of two groups of people - warriors of the Hussites and Protestants, doomed to exile, two hundred years after the execution of the reformer. Among the images one can observe the"Young Mother" - a symbol of the rebirth of the people. The figure of Jan Hus is located in the very center of the monument. At the bottom of the monument is an inscription that reads:"Love people."

The original monument to Jan Hus was designed for Bethlehem Square and was to be installed opposite the Bethlehem Chapel, where the reformer read his sermons. After the discussions, it was decided to erect a monument on the Old Town Square.

In December 1999, Pope John Paul II, at a symposium in the Vatican, paid tribute to the greatness of the spirit of the founder of the reform movement. At the symposium, a"Hussite Commission" was also created, which expressed the idea that the teachings of Hus could serve as a bridge between disunited Christian churches.

In the Czech Republic, Huss is traditionally respected today as a fighter for the identity of the Czech people. There are many monuments, streets and museums that bear his name. After his death, Jan left a vast literary legacy, and in addition made a significant contribution to the development of the medieval literary Czech language, as well as the modification of the Czech spelling.


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Topic: Monument to Jan Hus in the Czech Republic, Prague resort.Monument to Jan Hus in the Czech Republic, Prague resort

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