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Pieridis Museum in Cyprus, Larnaca resort

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The Pieridis Museum is a private museum located in the mansion where MP Zenon Pieridis once lived, he was also the mayor of Larnaca, the consul of Sweden in Cyprus. The founder of the museum is Zeno's grandfather, scientist-cypriologist Dimitris Pieridis. He collected a collection of archaeological treasures. The business started by Dimitris continued for five generations of the family, and in 1974 the collection was transferred to the private fund of Pieridis.
The building that houses the museum is very beautiful, made of stone, and located on the busy shopping street of Larnaca.
The museum has four exhibition halls. The halls display such exhibits as a variety of pottery and ceramic products from different eras, tableware made of ceramics, faience, glass, as well as black ceramics, pieces of furniture, samples of women's and men's clothing, various weapons from different eras, starting from the Neolithic era. In the courtyard of the museum there is an exhibition of Greek and Cypriot sculptures of modern times.
There is a small souvenir shop on the territory of the museum. Here you can buy silverware, ceramics, souvenir perfumery.
The museum is open for visits from October to June.


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Topic: Pieridis Museum in Cyprus, Larnaca resort.Pieridis Museum in Cyprus, Larnaca resort

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