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Church of Saint Lazarus in Cyprus, Larnaca resort

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The Church of Saint Lazarus is of great importance in the Christian world. Saint Lazarus was raised from the dead by Jesus Christ on the fourth day after his death. After the resurrection, Lazarus left Bethany (fearing persecution, since the Jews were outraged by the act of resurrection), and went to Cyprus (Kition). Here the apostles Paul and Barnabas ordained him to the rank of Bishop of Kition. After the resurrection, Lazarus lived for another 30 years.
After the death of Bishop Lazarus, his relics were placed in a marble ark, and the inscription was made:"Lazarus the Four-Day, Friend of Christ." In the 9th century, the relics were transferred to Constantinople.
By decree of the Byzantine Emperor Leo VI the Wise, a temple was built in Larnaca in honor of Saint Lazarus, right above his grave. In 1857 a stone bell tower was added to the church, before that bells were tied to wooden pillars.
In 1970, a fire broke out in the church, and therefore the interior of the church is rather modest.
The iconostasis is of particular beauty and value. He is an example of excellent wood carving. The iconostasis is decorated with 120 icons and gilded. The most valuable icons are considered"Saint Lazarus in the rank of Bishop of Kition" and"Sunday of Lazarus".
The church was restored several times. In 1970, during the restoration, stone tombs were found under the altar. Part of the relics of Saint Lazarus was found in one of them. They were placed in a silver-gilded ark, and now they are displayed in the center of the temple for general worship.

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Topic: Church of Saint Lazarus in Cyprus, Larnaca resort.Church of Saint Lazarus in Cyprus, Larnaca resort

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