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National Park”Biogradska Gora” in Montenegro

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This protected area is located northeast of the city of Kolasin, in the interval from the valley of the Tara River to the Lim River. The park includes a vast forest, several mountain peaks (the highest is Chrna Glava 2139 m in height), as well as a number of lakes of glacial origin, one of which is also called Biogradskoe ... You can get here by road from Kolasin, Berena and Moykovac.

The territory of the park, which was originally a princely reserve, has been protected by the state for over 130 years, and officially became a national park in 1952. A rich flora, represented by 86 plant species, grows here. Among them there are both deciduous and conifers, and many of the trees are very old and extremely rare in these climatic conditions.

As for the fauna of the park, most of its representatives are carefully protected from destruction. Fish is extremely rich in both Biogradsko Lake and other lakes in the park (for example, Ursulovachko Lake). The reservoirs are surrounded by winding hiking trails. Boat trips, fishing and mountain climbing can also be organized, both on foot and on the ski lift.

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Topic: National Park”Biogradska Gora” in Montenegro.National Park”Biogradska Gora” in Montenegro

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