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Lovcen National Park in Montenegro

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The territory of the national park occupies the highest part of the mountain range of the same name and is 62.2 km & sup2;. The mountain itself Lovcen is distinguished by its location in two climatic zones at once and the resulting huge variety of the natural world (there are about 1300 species of plants here). The most convenient way to get there is by road from Cetinje.

The mentioned mountain is also a famous historical landmark. On one of its bifurcated peaks there is a mausoleum with the ashes of Peter II Petrovic Njegos, who was once a famous Montenegrin ruler and poet. The entrance to the mausoleum is marked by four-meter statues of Montenegrin women, and a long staircase, enclosed in a tunnel, leads to the very entrance. Entering the mausoleum,

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Topic: Lovcen National Park in Montenegro.Lovcen National Park in Montenegro

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