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Danau-Sentarum National Park in Indonesia

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Danau-Sentarum is located on the island of Borneo, Indonesia, in the province of West Kalimantan. The total area of the national park is 1320 km?. Danau-Sentarum is located in the floodplain of the Kapuas River, therefore the lands of the park are represented mainly by forest and peat bogs, as well as many lakes, many of which are seasonal, that is, they are completely filled only during the heavy rains. It is because of this system of lakes, still studied by scientists around the world, that Danau-Sentarum became a Ramsar protected site in 1994. The first reserve on the site of the current national park appeared in 1982, however, at that time its area was 800 km2. Danau-Sentarum National Park officially became in 1999, however, the organization that was supposed to manage the land, The fauna of the national park is represented by 240 species of fish, 237 species of birds, 143 species of mammals. Many of the plants and animals are rare and protected, such as weasels, crested and gavial crocodiles and orangutans. In addition to animals, people also live in Danau-Sentarium, which is not a typical phenomenon for national parks. The local population is represented mainly by natives and Malay fishermen who settled in these places, apparently due to the exceptional amount of fish in the local lakes. The total number of residents is approaching 20 thousand. Danau-Sentarum is popular among biologists and ordinary travelers who visit the park, as a rule, as part of excursion tours. ImageImageImageImage

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Topic: Danau-Sentarum National Park in Indonesia.Danau-Sentarum National Park in Indonesia

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