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Lotrscak Tower in Croatia, Zagreb resort

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The Lotrscak Tower was built in the 13th century in the Romanesque style. Its main function was to protect the southern gates of the Upper City. The walls of the tower are one and a half meters thick.

Originally the Lotrscak Tower was a three-story building, at the top of which was a bell that rang every night before the gate was closed at night. People who did not have time to get into the city before the gate closed, spent the night outside.

In the 19th century, a fourth floor was added to the tower, and windows were made in the facade of the building. Also, at the same time, a cannon was installed at the top of the tower, which every day at noon gave a signal to all church bells, and in the evenings with the onset of dusk, the cannon warned that that the gates of the city are already closing.

Currently, the cannon continues its work, only it fires only once, at noon. It symbolizes the connection between modernity and history, but locals most often use it to check clocks.

Tourists are allowed to enter the tower and climb to its top, which overlooks the entire city of Zagreb. The interior of the tower houses an exhibition gallery and souvenir shops.  

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Topic: Lotrscak Tower in Croatia, Zagreb resort.Lotrscak Tower in Croatia, Zagreb resort

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