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Zagreb. Recreation and entertainment

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Recreation and tourism

Zagreb is a large city that attracts tourists not only with its attractions, but also with numerous restaurants, shops and sports centers. The cultural life of the city is very rich - there are more than twenty stages and theaters in Zagreb. The most impressive is the Croatian National Theater , and the most famous concert hall is the Vartoslav Lisinski Concert Hall . Every year Zagreb hosts the World Animated Film Festival, as well as the Folk Music and Dance Festival. Bands from all over the world can be seen at this festival.

There are many restaurants, bars and cafes in the city. Some of them only open in the evening. In inexpensive restaurants on Tkalchiev Street you can try local cuisine, there are also restaurants with European and Oriental cuisines in the city.

On Ilica, the city's shopping street, you can buy souvenirs and visit large department stores. You can also visit the city market Dolac.



Lotrscak Tower and the city gate. Now from the city wall that once surrounded Zagreb, only the gate and the tower remain. Near the gate, built in 1760, there is a small chapel dedicated to the image of the Madonna. Around the same time, the tower was built, from the height of which you can look at the city. Every day at noon, an old cannon is fired from here.

Cathedral. The magnificent architectural monument, the Cathedral, is located on Kaptol Square. The cathedral is mentioned in the records of the ninth century. The cathedral was consecrated in honor of Saints Vladislav and Stephen, as well as the Assumption of the Virgin Mary. In 1880, there was a major earthquake that completely collapsed the Gothic-style twin cathedral towers. A little later, the facade and towers were restored in the neo-Gothic style. The interior of the cathedral is also decorated in the neo-Gothic style.

Mirogoy Cemetery . The cemetery was designed by Herman More. It is famous for its entrance gates and arcades along the western wall. The most famous and wealthy residents of Zagreb are buried here. The cemetery is very much like a park with sculptures - almost all the gravestones are made by the hands of famous sculptors.

St. Katarina. The Church of St. Katarina is another architectural monument. It would have been built in 1720 and executed in the Baroque style. Inside it is decorated with ceiling and wall paintings, the most interesting of which is the painting in front of the main altar - “St. Catherine in front of the Alexandrian philosophers.

Church of St. Mark. This church is located on the square of the same name and is known for its unusual roof. The tiles that cover it depict the coats of arms of Dalmatia, Slavonia, Croatia, as well as the city of Zagreb itself. The church was erected in the 13th century, but after that it was rebuilt several times. At the entrance there are statues of the Virgin Mary, Jesus Christ, Saint Mark and the rest of the apostles. Inside the church there are also sculptures made by the famous sculptor Ivan Meštrović. The interior is also decorated with frescoes depicting members of the Croatian royal family.

Strossmeier Gallery. This gallery, which contains works of old masters, was built in 1884 with donations from Bishop Strossmeier. The museum itself is located in the premises of the palace of the Croatian Academy of Arts and Sciences. It exhibits works by artists such as Durer, Goya and El Greco, as well as a collection of Italian art from the 13th and 18th centuries. The entrance to the museum is decorated with a monument to the bishop.

Ethnographic and Archaeological Museums. The museum collection contains about sixty thousand items: folk costumes, lace and embroidery, jewelry, dishes, metal products , ceramics and wood, as well as tools of production. The museum has rooms where the setting of some historical eras of Croatia has been restored. In the Archaeological Museum you can see items from the excavations of the settlement of the ancient Romans in Northern Dalmatia, Etruscan inscriptions on cotton mummy ribbons, a huge numismatic collection, as well as the famous "Vucedol dove".

Maksimir Park. Maksimirsky Park is the largest city park, which was founded back in 1794. It was designed by the famous landscape designer from England - Brown. The park has lakes, small shady groves, oak groves and clearings illuminated by the sun. It also houses the Zagreb Zoo , where you can see not only the local, but also the exotic fauna.


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