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Admiralty description and photo - Ukraine: Nikolaev

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Admiralty description and photo - Ukraine: Nikolaev

Admiralty description and photo - Ukraine: Nikolaev. Detailed information about the attraction. Description, photos and a map showing the nearest significant objects.

Photo and description

The Admiralty is the name that is used in relation to the administrative building of the Nikolaev shipyard named after 61 Communards.

The Admiralty building is located in the city of Nikolaev on the left bank of the Ingul River. Closing the well-green and wide Sadovaya Street, it serves as the compositional center of the square, which was formed at its intersection with Admiralskaya Street. The admiralty, surrounded by architectural monuments, fits very well into the historically formed ensemble.

The building of the Nikolaev Admiralty was built in 1951 in the traditional style of Russian classicism. Its spire is crowned with a ship with a message embedded in it. The author of the project was N. Shapovalenko.

The administrative building of the Admiralty is new. The old building, created in 1788 by order of Prince G. Potemkin, was located a little to the right and included shipyards, warehouses for the construction and repair of warships and equipment, workshops, auxiliary units and services. During the Great Patriotic War, the old Admiralty was destroyed, today only the foundation has been preserved from it. After the end of the war, an administrative building was erected in the city of Nikolaev, which became known as the Admiralty.

Currently, the complex of buildings of the naval department includes: the old fleet barracks, a shipyard with gates and walls, as well as the building of a men's gymnasium, where now is the Nikolaev Construction College.

In front of the entrance to the Admiralty, there is a monument to the founder of the city of Nikolaev and the Admiralty, Grand Duke G. Potemkin.

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Topic: Admiralty description and photo - Ukraine: Nikolaev.Admiralty description and photo - Ukraine: Nikolaev

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