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Ruins of Herodium in Israel, Bethlehem resort

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Herodion is considered one of the most important buildings during the reign of King Herod the Great. It is located in the Judean Desert, near the village of Tekoa. Herodion, according to legend, was erected on the place where King Herod once celebrated a military victory over the army of Miriam Hasmonaea.

Now the name Herodion is the national Israeli park, located fifteen kilometers from Jerusalem. The very grandiose ancient structure left only ruins to contemporaries.

Initially, Herodion included two parts: upper and lower. The upper part originally housed a citadel, a palace and a monument. And in the lower part, located at the foot of an artificial mountain, there were palace buildings with a domestic purpose. They were intended for the king himself and his entourage. Herodion entered the era of abandonment before the 2nd century AD.

During the reign of the Byzantine Empire, a large monastic community lived on its ruins. Archaeological excavations in this area began in 1962, initiated by the priest V. Corbeau.

In the period from 1962 to 1988, such historical sights as a system of hidden tunnels, ancient synagogues, ruins of walls were discovered here , arches, a classic Roman bath, as well as the tomb of King Herod himself.

The ruins of Herodium are very popular with tourists, as the remains of the most interesting and ancient architectural structures are concentrated here.

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Topic: Ruins of Herodium in Israel, Bethlehem resort.Ruins of Herodium in Israel, Bethlehem resort

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