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Temple of the Annunciation in Israel, Nazareth resort

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The Catholic Church of the Annunciation was built on the site where, according to legend, the Annunciation of the Most Holy Theotokos took place. Today the temple is the largest in the Middle East. In 1964, the temple was given the status of a `` minor basilica ''. The church is also a place of Christian pilgrimage.

The very first sanctuary on this site appeared in the middle of the 4th century, which was a small altar.

During the reign of Constantine the Great, the first church. The construction of the Church of the Annunciation was carried out at the same time as the construction of the Church of the Holy Sepulcher in Jerusalem and the Basilica of the Nativity of Christ in Bethlehem. After the Muslim conquests of Palestine in the 7th century, the church was completely destroyed.

In 1102, the city was captured by Tancred of Tarentum, and a second church was built over the Grotto of the Annunciation. Since the 13th century, the church has been under the care of Franciscan monks. According to archaeological excavations carried out here in 1909, the temple was never fully finished - and ndash; five capitals made in the Romanesque style were not erected on the prepared places.

The city returned to Muslim rule after the defeat of the Crusaders at the Battle of Hattin. With the permission of Saladin, the Franciscan monks were able to stay and continue to perform church services.

In 1260, Nazareth was captured by Baybars the First, and the church was destroyed. Over the next centuries, the Franciscans were repeatedly driven out and returned to the city.

In 1620, the Druze emir Fakhr ad-Din II decided to finally return the Franciscans to Nazareth. Over time, a small sanctuary was built on the ruins of the church.

In 1730, Dagir gave permission to build a new church. In 1877, the church was rebuilt and enlarged. In 1954, the building was completely dismantled for the construction of a new basilica, which was completed by 1969. The building was designed by Giovanni Muzio. Prior to construction, archaeological excavations were carried out here, during which artifacts were found that can today be observed in the Archaeological Museum created at the basilica.

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Topic: Temple of the Annunciation in Israel, Nazareth resort.Temple of the Annunciation in Israel, Nazareth resort

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