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Martinic Palace in the Czech Republic, Prague spa

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The Matrinitsa Palace was built in the 14th century on the site of four buildings in the Gothic style. One of the buildings belonged to the chronicler Benes Krabice, the other – the lady of the court Ovka, who was in the retinue of Queen Elisha. Dame Ovka is a non-fictional character in The Night in Karlstein.

According to legend, Dame Ovka appears today in the form of a ghost, accompanied by a fiery dog that jumps out of the palace and runs towards the street New World. In the middle of the 16th century, all houses on this street were destroyed due to a strong fire. Ten years later, this site was bought by Ondrej Teifl, who immediately began construction of a Renaissance palace.

House, where Teifl lived was located quite far from the palace, so he had to sell the palace. The next owner of the Martinic Palace was Jiri Borjit, who was a descendant of the ancient Martinic family. Due to the absence of their own children, the palace was inherited by the nephew of Jiri – Yaroslav Borjita. Jaroslav decided to complete the building in the northern direction, and also during construction work continued the eastern wing and rebuilt the southern one.

In 1618, during the Second Prague Defenestration, Jaroslav was forced to flee to Munich. As a result, all property of the Martinists was confiscated. In 1622, Yaroslav returned to Prague, regained the palace and continued construction, however, in the early Baroque style. Until 1799, the castle was inherited until it was acquired by Josef Weitnweber.

The castle was badly damaged during the Prussian bombardment. Restoration and restoration work was carried out in the castle only in the 1950s. In the course of the work, the sgraffito on the main and courtyard facades was restored, as well as the painted log ceilings and wall paintings that adorn the portal and the inside of the chapel located in the large hall.


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Topic: Martinic Palace in the Czech Republic, Prague spa.Martinic Palace in the Czech Republic, Prague spa

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