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Archbishop's Palace in the Czech Republic, Prague spa

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The Archbishop's Palace was built on the site where eight houses with plots were located in the Middle Ages. The basis for the modern palace was the Renaissance house built in 1538 for Florian Grispek – secretary of the Czech chamber and favorite of King Ferdinand the First. Four years later, a fire broke out in the building, which stopped construction.

In 1561, the palace was bought by Ferdinand the First, who handed it over to the Prague Archbishop Antonin Brus. Since then, it has housed the archbishop's residence. Later, reconstruction began in the palace, the project for which was made by the court architects Aostalli and Wolmut. The building was made in the Renaissance style, complemented by the late Renaissance.

In the 17th century, the palace was rebuilt in the early Baroque style. The architect of the building was the painter Matej, who was appointed by Archbishop Jan Fredrich Wallenstein as court architect. In the 1820s, a bishop's office was built in the building – consistory.

The palace acquired its present appearance during the reconstruction work carried out according to the Vikhra project in 1764-1765.

In 1949- In 1951, Archbishop Josef Beran was interned in the palace by the secret police.

The Archbishop's palace is a volumetric-spatial structure – a four-storey building made in the late Baroque and Rococo style.

This building was constructed in four wings with small courtyards, one of which was divided in two by a two-tiered bridge.

The main portal of the building was made of baroque marble, side portals were created in the late baroque style. The balcony, located above the portals on the third floor, was decorated with lattice openwork railings.

In general, the interior of the building was preserved in the late Baroque style. The Throne Room, the main staircase, the Dining Room, in which you can observe portraits of Prague bishops, tiled fireplaces and late Baroque chandeliers, were decided in this style.

Most of the premises on the ground floor are covered with vaults,

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Topic: Archbishop's Palace in the Czech Republic, Prague spa.Archbishop's Palace in the Czech Republic, Prague spa

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