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Piazza del Popolo in Italy, Rome resort

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Piazza del Popolo is a Roman square, from which the streets of Babuino, Corso and Repetta radiate to the south. Between the streets there are propylaea churches similar in architecture. In the northern part of the square, one can observe the ancient Flaminian Way, along which the bulk of travelers arrived in Rome for many centuries.

The square got its present appearance in 1811-1822 thanks to the architect Giuseppe Valadier. The architect connected the square with the slope of the Pincio hill with a Napoleonic staircase.

In the central part of the square there is an Egyptian obelisk, reaching a height of 36 meters, on which there are inscriptions praising the deeds of Ramses II. The obelisk was transported to Rome from Heliopolis in 10 BC. at the whim of Octavian Augustus. For several centuries the obelisk was in the Circus Maximus, and in 1589 it was moved to the northern gates of Rome at the direction of Sixtus the Fifth. There are also four fountains on the square.

Until 1826, the square was a place for public executions. Nowadays, car traffic is prohibited on the square.


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Topic: Piazza del Popolo in Italy, Rome resort.Piazza del Popolo in Italy, Rome resort

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