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Piazza Columns in Italy, Rome resort

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The Piazza Column is a Roman piazza named after the column of Marcus Aurelius located on it, which also gave its name to one of the districts of Rome.

The square was created by order of Sixtus the Fifth. The square is located in the west of Via del Corso, approximately the same distance from Piazza Venezia and Piazza del Popolo. The square has the shape of a rectangle.

From the north-west side of the square adjoins the Palazzo Montecitorio, in which the Chamber of Deputies sits, from the northern part – Palazzo Chigi, which houses the Council of Ministers. On the south side, the area is bounded by the Palazzo Ferraioli and the Church of Santa Maria della Pieta, on the west side – palazzo Wedekind, which previously housed the headquarters of II Tempo.

Between the Alberto Sordi Gallery and the Column of Marcus Aurelius is an elegant fountain, created in 1577 by the architect Giacomo della Porta. A marble bowl brought from the island of Chios serves as the basis for the fountain. The outside of the fountain is decorated with 16 vertical ribbons made of Carrara marble.


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Topic: Piazza Columns in Italy, Rome resort.Piazza Columns in Italy, Rome resort

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