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Vittoriano in Italy, Rome resort

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Vittoriano is a monument created in honor of Victor Emmanuel II – the first king of a united Italy. The monument is located on the slope of the Capitol Hill, on the Venetian Square.

The Vittoriano project was developed in the spirit of ancient Roman architecture by the architect Giuseppe Sacconi. The construction was carried out in the years 1885-1911. The equestrian statue of the king, made of bronze, is part of the monument. The statue is 12 meters high. Under the statue is the 'Altar of the Fatherland'.

Today Vittoriano houses two museums – Museum of the flags of the Navy and the Risorgimento.

The monument is characterized by a pile of various details, which were often used in ancient Roman structures (bas-reliefs, statues, columns, etc.), and excessive eclecticism.

The monument stands out quite strongly among other Roman structures, therefore, among the townspeople, various condescending contemptuous names: `` Wedding Cake '', `` Typewriter '', `` False Jaw '' and many others.


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Topic: Vittoriano in Italy, Rome resort.Vittoriano in Italy, Rome resort

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