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Fundacio Joan Miro in Spain, Barcelona resort

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This museum is located in a picturesque park-like area on the northern slope of Montjuic. It was here that architects Jaime Fraix and Josep Lewis Sert erected a building for the foundation founded by Joao Miro in 1971.

The building, officially opened in 1988, was constructed of white concrete. Its design contains cubic elements, which are illuminated from the inside by semicircular skylights. The foundation has two courtyards.

There are 5 thousand exhibits in the permanent exhibition of the museum.

Attractions of the foundation-museum
History. At the very beginning of the tour of the museum, the visitor gets acquainted with the chronology of the lifestyle and work of the famous artist. In the first room, you can see reproductions of his work and a colored wall tapestry.

Next is the Mercury Fountain by Alexander Calder. Still further is the model of the sculpture, which stands in Paris, made of plaster. After that, there is a room with graphic works.
Paintings. On the second floor of the museum there are halls with a huge collection of the artist's works. Right in front of the entrance there is a statue of the bird of the sun from marble. It is also worth paying attention to the original prints from the cycle `` Mallorca '', which are printed from a copper mold.

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Topic: Fundacio Joan Miro in Spain, Barcelona resort.Fundacio Joan Miro in Spain, Barcelona resort

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