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Palazzo Poggi in Italy, Bologna resort

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Palazzo Poggi is one of the main palaces in Bologna. Nowadays, the building of the palace houses the Museum of the University of Bologna. Palazzo Poggi is a huge complex of buildings made in the Renaissance style.

  The complex was commissioned by the brothers Giovanni and Alessandro Poggi in the 16th century. The construction was financed by Pope Benedict the Fourteenth. The author of the facade project was the architect Pellegrino Tibaldi, but some of its parts are the work of B. Triakini.

In 1614 the palace was acquired by the prince of Montecuccoli, in 1672 it was leased to the Marquis Francesco Azzolini. Over the years, the palace changed owners frequently, until in 1711, at the insistence of Luigi Marsigli, the Scientific Institute was located here. Later, the construction of an astronomical observatory began here, which later became one of the largest in Europe. The observatory was designed by the architect Giuseppe Antonio Torri. The building was completed by Carlo Francesco Dotti in 1725.

In 1803, following the temporary closure of the University of Bologna, the palace was housed in administrative offices and museum collections, demonstrating the scientific achievements of the past.

Noteworthy is the audience of Giosue Carducci, which contains a large collection of photographs, articles and documents relating to Carducci's teaching at the University of Bologna.

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Topic: Palazzo Poggi in Italy, Bologna resort.Palazzo Poggi in Italy, Bologna resort

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