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National Museum in the Czech Republic, Prague spa

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The National Museum, located on Wenceslas Square in the Nove Mesto district, is the largest state museum in the city of Prague.

The main building of the museum was built in the Neo-Renaissance style in the years 1885-1890. The author of the project was the architect Josef Schulz. This monumental structure with an expressive dome, erected on the site of the Horse Gate, has a special, symbolic meaning for the Czech people. The main facade of the museum attracts, first of all, with its ramp decorated with sculptures – next to Bohemia, seated on the throne, there is a young girl, symbolizing the Vltava River, and an elder, representing the Elbe River.

The Pantheon is located in the museum building, which is a collection of statues and busts of prominent Czech cultural figures. In 1912, a monument to St. Wenceslas was erected in front of the building, made by the sculptor Josef Vaclav Myslbek.

The creation of the museum was carried out in 1818 as a treasury of national culture. The historical department was headed by Frantisek Palacky – politician and historian, thanks to whom the museum began publishing scientific articles in Czech since 1827. The museum patron was Count Kaspar Sternberk. The first librarian of the museum was the poet and philologist Vaclav Hanka. Subsequently, the museum expanded and replenished.

In the XIX – XX centuries, Bogkuslav Dvorak took part in the design of the museum building – famous Czech artist. In 1968, during the entry of Soviet troops into Czechoslovakia, the facade of the museum was badly damaged.

In the XX century, the museum was divided into several large collections – Ethnographic, Paleontological, Musical, etc.


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Topic: National Museum in the Czech Republic, Prague spa.National Museum in the Czech Republic, Prague spa

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