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Capitol in Italy, Rome resort

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The Capitol is one of the seven hills where Ancient Rome originated. Capitol Hill is the smallest of the seven hills. It is located near the southern coast of the Tiber, on a forum located in a valley.

Earlier in Rome, there was an old Capitol, which was an ancient sanctuary of the Sabines, previously located on the Quirinal. Subsequently, the sanctuary was moved to the Capitol Hill, which was previously called Tarpean or Saturnian.

At the foot of the Capitol, you can observe the ruins of an apartment building, on the ground floor of which there were two shops, connected by a mezzanine. in which the owner's apartment was probably located. There were three more floors of apartments above the mezzanines, the remains of which have survived to this day. It is believed that there were two more floors above them, which were destroyed by time.

One of the main attractions of the hill is the Capitoline Temple, which hosted popular meetings and Senate meetings.

According to legend, the construction of the temple began on the site of the ancient sanctuary of the Sabines, at Tarquinini Prisca. In 509 BC. the consecration of the temple took place. In the 80s BC. a fire broke out in the temple, after which the building was destroyed. In the 60s BC. the temple was rebuilt, the construction work was supervised by Quinta Lutacia Catula.

After construction, the church was divided into three chapels dedicated to Juno, Minerva and Jupiter. A terracotta sculpture was installed on the roof of the building, made in the form of Jupiter on a quadriga.

At that time, the Capitoline Temple was the religious center of imperial and republican Rome, and was also of no small importance in strengthening the state. For the Romans, the temple was a symbol of the power, immortality and strength of Rome.

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