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Po Nagar Tian Towers in Vietnam, Nha Trang Resort

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Po Nagar Cham Towers were erected approximately in VII – XII centuries. The towers were built on the site where Hindu religious ceremonies were held already in the 2nd century. And today Vietnamese Buddhists and local Chinese come here to hold ceremonies and prayers.

Eight Po Nagar towers existed here earlier, unfortunately, only four have survived to this day. All the temples were built on a hill and faced east. In ancient times, people who came here for prayers had to go through the meditation hall (mandapu), surrounded by columns that can be observed even now.

Thap Chin Tower (North Tower) has a terraced pyramid roof, inside there is lobby and brick hall. The tower is 23 meters high. Thap Chin was built in 817. The idea of construction belonged to Pangro – Minister of King Harivarman the First. In 918, Indravarman III ordered to place a golden mukha-linga in the tower. In 965, the mukha-linga was replaced by a stone figure of Uma (Shiva's shakti). This figure is kept in the tower to this day.

At the entrance to the tower, you can see images of musicians playing near the dancing Shiva, one of his legs was depicted on the head of the bull Nandin. The drum and gong are located in the lobby under the pyramidal ceiling. In the main hall of the temple there is a statue of the goddess Uma, made of black stone, with ten arms.

Thap Nam Tower (Central Tower) was erected in the 12th century on the site of a building built in the 7th century. Unlike Thap Chin, the Thap Nam tower lacks pilasters or terraces. According to historians, once the inner altars of the tower were covered with silver. Linga can be seen in the center of the main hall.

The Mieu Dong Nam Tower (South Tower) was once dedicated to Sandhaka. Today the linga is kept in the main hall of the tower.

One of the richly decorated Po Nagar towers is Thap Tei Bak (Northwest Tower) originally dedicated to Ganesha. Unfortunately, the roof of the building with a pyramid-shaped end has not survived.

Near the North Tower there is a small museum, which displays several samples of the cham masonry. Previously, there was a temple in this place.

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Topic: Po Nagar Tian Towers in Vietnam, Nha Trang Resort.Po Nagar Tian Towers in Vietnam, Nha Trang Resort

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